Temperance Creek offers a destination for back-country flying enthusiasts.  Our private use landing strip is only available for customers joining us for meals or overnight accommodations.  Sorry, but we are not a coffee shop!

We realize weather is beyond our control but make sure you have made prior arrangements and have received confirmation before landing and the strip is clear of stock animals and wildlife.

We do not supply tie-downs, so bring your own or wheel chocks.

Barry Barnes 208-816-0100 208-746-0184 (M-F / 8-5 )
Brice Barnes 208-816-0121. 208-746-1412 (M-F / 8-5)

2023 Rates – Arriving by your own transportation

$199.95 per person/per day
  • Price includes Forest Service Use Fee and Tax
  • Price includes home-cooked, ranch-style meals (dinner and breakfast).
To-go lunch for $22.50
  • Provided upon request
Sit down lunch for $36.00
  • Provided upon request
Fly-in Breakfast $36.00
  • includes tax and landing fee
Fly-in Dinner, From $50 and up depending on what’s served.
  • Price depends on menu choice and includes tax and landing fee