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Hunting, trail rides or camp trips contact Brice Barnes 208-746-1412, Brad Arnzen 208-983-5784 or Barry Barnes 208-816-0100 or email:

Temperance Creek lodging, hiking, fishing, fly in, group meetings/accommodations contact Brice Barnes 208-746-1412, Barry Barnes 208-816-0100 or David Judd 208-746-0184 or email:

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I helped clear the trails up to the top of the canyon one year with Mike Welling

That sound like a lot of fun 🙂

Beautiful country

Awssome place!

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Hells canyon packers and temperance creek lodge is in full swing for the 2017 summer.. come join us at this scenic lodge located in the heart of hells canyon.. we can book you for family adventures, hunting , over night fishing trips, rafting trips , fly in for breakfast and more.. we will find you the best guides for what ever your looking for.. ...


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How is the trail in from Warnock corral?

Pencil me in PLEASE!!! ✏️ ✏️

Great place, great fun

Pencil me in PLEASE!!!! ✏️ ✏️

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Sweet bull one of our hunters took in 2016 ...

Hells canyon packers . Day one bull. Brad doing what he loves.. PACKING BULLS.. ...


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Sure is

Was the animal killed only for that rack? Cause that is a disgusting picture!

great pic love that country

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